About Us

We specialize in the treatment of childhood, adolescent and adult behavioral disorders, mood and depressive disorders, attention deficits, anxiety, anger, school refusal and developmental disorders. Our approach is custom tailored to each and every person. We employ gold standard treatment approaches when providing medication management and adhere to the best treatment practices, backed by strong clinical evidence for safe – effective treatment.

Our approach is distinctively collaborative and will include your primary care provider and/or therapist. We believe that medication can be helpful with certain problems but should not be the only step in treatment. Historical research shows the absolute best treatment outcomes when talk therapy and medication are combined. We help guide medication options and help you choose a seasoned, intuitive, specialized therapist for you or your child.

About Bradley Why

Bradley Why is a Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and is Board Certified by the ANA. He has over 20 years of mental health experience with behavioral disorders of childhood, developmental disorders, adult mental health and serious mental illness. He has been a Registered Nurse for 17 years, has a master’s degree from The University of Virginia and is completing his Doctor of Nursing Practice at Duke University and The University of Virginia. He has worked in many psychiatric settings in Delaware and received expert training at UVa and Western State Hospital in Staunton, Va.

Bradley provides expert psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and medication management for children, teens and adults. He has a “client-centered” approach, believes in alternative therapies, proper nutrition, exercise and takes the position of a treatment navigator that is supportive of different treatment choices